Peoples Testimonies

Mountains are being moved for those who are blessed to be part of the Wings of Love Healing Ministry!!

I have learned and grown considerably spiritually, emotionally and financially since I’ve been coming to Wings of Love Bible studies and seminars. Sim and Nancy have become more than just people who teach me about the Bible. They have become true, faithful and loyal friends who I enjoy spending time with.

Sim’s CPA background and teaching on the principals of tithing and becoming a good steward over money has enabled me to implement these principals in my own life. My income almost doubled in one year!! Through extravagant giving I have experienced a breakthrough in my heart that changed me forever.

Nancy is a certified special ED teacher who is also an anointed teacher of the bible and so much more. She teaches to every learning style – Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic and Reading and Writing. Perfect for someone like me who has reading and comprehension difficulties and who experienced many soul wounds surrounding school and learning. We worked with several emotional healing modalities to release trapped emotions and I am now reaping the rewards. Mountains are being moved for those who are blessed to be part of the Wings of Love Healing Ministry!!


I can honestly say I have never been healthier

I have been using essential oils daily for eight years. I put either orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit, peppermint, tangerine or thieves in my water and drink them daily. I can honestly say I have never been healthier. I never get colds or fevers. Occasionally, I suffer from allergies but use oils for this as well with great results.

I have been to the doctors once in this eight year period and that was just for a recent checkup. In fact, my doctor informed me that I was the healthiest 62 year old person that he has seen in his office. I take no pharmaceutical drugs or over the counter medicine. When I do have pain, a headache or another ailment, I choose the oil that will work for me. I never have a lingering problem as a result of this way of life.

I highly encourage the use of these oils on a daily basis. It will make a major positive difference in your life physically, emotionally and spiritually.”


I no longer crave drugs, alcohol or cigarettes.

I’ve been attending bible studies at Wings of Love for a year and a half now. When I first started I was struggling with drug addiction, and low self-worth. God came into my life at just the right time and lead me to this wonderful ministry. Through Sim and Nancy and the wonderful work they do, and through building a relationship with the Lord I have been healed. I’ve felt first-hand what God’s love and grace can do for someone – even someone as broken as I thought I was.

I no longer crave drugs, alcohol or cigarettes. I no longer hold my past against myself, and learned to forgive myself the way Gods forgives me. Through this ministry I have made so many new friends. I thank Jesus every day for putting such kind, genuine, and loving people like Sim and Nancy into my life. God is SO good when you open your heart to him!


They helped lead me to the truth

When I first came to Wings of Love Healing Ministries, I was at a major crossroads in my life. Struggling with my personal life and my business, I didn’t know where to turn. I thought I had turned so far away from God that I wasn’t worthy to come back. Then I found this ministry and I truly believe God saw my struggle and put his hand out in the form of two good friends, Sim and Nancy. They helped lead me to the truth which has changed my life more than any words could ever describe. I am so thankful and gracious and I know the teachings that this ministry delivers are awesome!!


There is power in unity and determination

Truly, Jesus is interested in every area of our lives. There is power in unity and determination! At one of our healing sessions, a person was delivered of demonic bondage and fear! His Word does not lie, truth will be revealed, when you search for Him with all your heart. Many have been touched in this ministry and refreshed and restored in the Lord. God is so wonderful towards us, and He continues to amaze us in the ways of His healing’s.


It has changed my life forever

Before attending the Missing Link classes, I had experienced many life encounters that showed me what love wasn’t. After these classes, I was able to experience the awesome transforming power of God’s love. His love was revealed through the Wings of Love Healing Ministry teaching. During our healing sessions, we praise and worship Jesus and lift up all of our concerns and needs not only for ourselves but for others that the Holy Spirit brings to mind. Thank you for this ministry! It has changed my life forever.


I have learned how to walk in love

I’ve had the opportunity to attend the Missing Link class and the Healing Wings of Love sessions since September 2013. I have grown so much spiritually after receiving Nancy’s Love Revelation. I have learned how to walk in love, and how to receive God’s love. My life has been forever changed, and I will share what I have received with my family and friends. I’m so grateful for this ministry!


I am grateful for the love, teachings, and prayers of the Wings of Love Ministry.

I’ve had the privilege of attending the Wings of Love Ministry this past year. Through the prayers of the group and the laying on of hands, I received deep healing of childhood memories which led to a physical healing of my right arm (injured in college). I was able to play the piano without pain for the first time in some forty years! I give praise and thanks to Jesus and His Holy Spirit, and I am grateful for the love, teachings, and prayers of the Wings of Love Ministry.


I feel much better. I believe I am on the road back to health

As a physician and a two time cancer survivor, I believe in a holistic approach to health and wellness. Several months ago, I began to use the natural essential oils to mainly avoid using pain medications which contain chemicals. Our bodies were not created to absorb man made chemicals which can cause harmful side effects but rather to utilize what nature provides. Over my many years as a practicing physician, I have seen the problems resulting from pharmaceuticals–medical complications that could have been avoided. That said, as a scientist, I want whatever I put into my body to truly work to achieve my goals of pain reduction, enhancing my immune system and decreasing my physiologic responses to the stresses of daily living. After using the essential oils on a daily basis, I feel much better. I believe I am on the road back to health and wellness after removing the toxic chemicals from my life. Using these oils was a clear step in the right direction for me and my wife.


The Wings of Love Healing Ministry has changed my life.

 I was going through a really difficult time and was suffering from depression, stress, and isolation. A friend invited me to a seminar and it instantly became home and I felt safe. I started attending weekly Bible studies and started going to Church. I developed a strong relationship with God and He changed my life. I have been saved for a few years now. Life is hard sometimes, but Wings of Love is continuously there for me to pull me back up when I am down. I am so blessed to be able to call Wings of Love my family.



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