hugs for healing and hope

Mission Statement

“Everyone needs a bear, because everyone needs a hug!”

Hugs for Healing and Hope was created with the intention of sharing God’s transformative love with those who need physical, emotional or spiritual healing.  

May these bears bring comfort in times of loneliness, isolation and heart ache. It is our desire to touch the hearts of those often in need:  

  • patients in children’s hospitals
  • the elderly in nursing homes
  • single parents
  • victims of abuse
  • those struggling with addictions
  • Veterans & those suffering from PTSD
  • those suffering with chronic, terminal illness or grief
  • simply anyone in need.

Whether you or someone you know is in need of a physical or emotional healing, or is in need of a HUG, these anointed bears are here to help!

Hugging is scientifically proven to reduce fear and anxiety, improve communication, and lift your mood by stimulating a release of oxytocin (nicknamed the cuddle hormone).

Show someone you care; send them a bear…not just any bear

Each bear is anointed with oil and prayed over especially for you!

Bears are ESSENTIAL!

Did you know that HUGS:

  • can reduce stress.
  • can boost your immune system.
  • may boost your heart health.
  • can make you happier.
  • help reduce your fears.
  • may help reduce your pain.

Bless everyone you know – including yourself – with hope, healing, and a hug!

Donate A Hug A Bear

To donate to the Hug a Bear ministry, please click here and select the desired amount you feel led to give. Your donation will allow us to continue to bless those in need.

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